This research is about the influence of messages and celebrity endorsers in the advertisement of Luwak White Koffie by Pevita Pearce to the consumer’s buying decision which is aimed to find out the path and the influence of the message and celebrity endorser in Pevita Pearce’s advertisement of Luwak White Koffie simultaneously to the consumer’s buying decision, and to find out which is more dominant between the message and the celebrity endorsement. The theory used in this research was Elaboration Likelihood Model, developed by Richard Petty and John T. Cacciopo. This study is a quantitative research and the technique of data analysis is multiple linear regression analysis. The population of the research is the followers of @KopiKoe Twitter. The sample of this research are 90 respondents and the sampling technique is purposive sampling with the criteria that knowing the product and watching the advertisement more than three times. The result shows that the celebrity endorser was more dominant.