ASEAN Centre for Public Relations Studies once again held a Coffee Break with ASEAN Focus Group with the theme “Women’s Participation in Human Resources Across ASEAN”. The event was held on 24 April 2015 at the Rafael Jolongbayan Room, Campus B LSPR. Attended not only by students from LSPR, but there are also students of the President University, Muhammadiyah University, Gunadarma University, dan Parahyangan University. The event was with Research Club and Youth Diplomacyb Club has the aim to share knowledge that women have an important role to ASEAN community.


Mrs. Yuliana Riana P, MM as Head of Research and Community Service Centre give a plaque of appreciation to the speakers

There are three speakers in this discussion, Ruth Indiah Rahayu (researcher partnership for governance reform), Arif Susanto (Researcher Indonesian Institute for Development and Democracy) for the first session Toward a Gender Justice and Strength and Opportunities of Indonesian Women by Cheryl Widjaja (consulting Manager at PT. Mercer Indonesia). The first session presented by Arif Susanto describes about important role of women in politics. He presented the facts that the Indonesian government is currently much could be an example of a good leader.


Cheryl Widjaja as Consulting Manager at PT. Mercer Indonesia sharing about strengths and opportunities of Indonesian women

Meanwhile, in the presentation of Cheryl Widjaja and Ruth Indiah Rahayu more discusses the strengths and opportunities of Indonesian women who are ready to compete in the ASEAN Community. Through these discussions, the participants, especially women are expected to be aware of the importance of the role of women in Indonesia nowadays.


All participants who attended the discussion.