Centre for ASEAN Public Relations Studies again held a coffee break last Friday, May 22, 2015 at the Rafael Jolongbayan Room, Campus B. This coffee break  discussed about the ASEAN Tourism: Wonderful, Original, Warmth. The event, which lasted two hours, with speakers from the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ms. Stephanie Valencia and couple travelers, Cita Nursyadzaly and Tenri Ake.


First Session with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Ms. Stephanie Valencia

The discussion was moderated by Ms. Past Novel Larasty and begin to discussed about Thailand with Ms. Stephanie Valencia. “Thailand is the heart of ASEAN,” said Ms. Stephanie when asked about Thailand. According to Thailand tourism as a major economic sectors, Thailand have all owned by the other ASEAN countries, such as mountains, sea, and shopping center is always more cutting edge than the other ASEAN countries. It has a reason because Thailand has a strategic location and is supported by a government that is ready to make Thailand tourism purposes, such as providing signage in English, Japanese, and Russian language.

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Second session with the travel blogger, Cita Nursyadzaly and Tenri Ake

Thailand itself became the most visited country in ASEAN with six million tourists in February 2015 ago. According to Ms. Stephanie, Thailand may become the most visited country in ASEAN because Thailand has a visa on arrival system, an option for weekend getaway, have a direct flight service with highly value in a tour offered by Thailand.


one of the participants who asked about the tourism of Thailand

It was directly proportional to the statement pair traveler; Cita Nursyadzaly and Tenri Ake who chose Thailand and became their favorite destination. Couples who have traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and will go to Cambodia would have found Thailand travel information very easy to find, suitable for low budget, which began a universal language, and cuisine that matches the Indonesian people. According to this traveler couple, ASEAN has a lot of common history, culture, and one of them is culinary.

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(facilitators with Speakers from left to Right :Past Novel,M.Si ,Yuliana P, MM , Tenri Ake, Cita Nurzaldy, Stephanie Valencia, Deviana, Rani Chandra, M.Si , Daniari, M.Si)