Research conducted by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) in 2016 states that as many as 768 thousand Indonesian children aged 10-14 years have routinely accessed the internet. Looking at the reality that there is high internet usage among children and adolescents who are often beyond parental supervision, this education can be a solution to minimize the dangers of the internet such as cyberbully, exposure to negative content, being a victim of privacy violations, and also other negative impacts. In addition, parents are also invited to be able to set an example in using the internet wisely and responsibly, one of which is by not spreading false news or hoaxes and also hate speech. In an effort to overcome the problems above, one solution that can be done is to provide digital parenting to parents regarding media literacy and supervision of internet use for their children. Through this activity, it is expected that parents can guide and teach children about how to use the internet properly and according to their age.

Keywords: Literation, Internet, Digital, Parents, Children