The large number of drug abuse and distribution in Indonesia, makes more efforts to prevent and eradicate drugs from various parties, one of them is the government of the National Narcotics Agency. In addition to undergoing the main tasks in the Prevention of the Eradication of Drug Abuse and Circulation Narcotics, National Narcotics Agency also implements an alternative empowerment program as a support program to realize a drug-free Indonesia. Muara Bahari village is one of the target areas for alternative empowerment programs conducted by the North Jakarta National Narcotics Agency with PT Indonesia Power UPJP Priok. This alternative empowerment is based on the number of drug users being rehabilitated as well as drug case findings in the region. The empowerment effort in Muara Bahari village was carried out at the Rumah Kreatif and Inovasi by presenting various creative and innovation programs through socialization, training and mentoring methodologies. In addition to minimizing the number of drug users, the purpose of this empowerment is to increase the skills and creativity of the community and drug rehabilitation clients. Based on the results of the evaluation, the empowerment efforts undertaken at the Rumah Kreatif and Inovasi brought many changes to the community. In addition to being able to improve the skills and economic income of the community, this empowerment has made the community ties in Muara Bahari village maintained by one another.

Keywords: Indonesia Drug Emergency, Community Participation, Alternative Empowerment, Prevention and Eradication