Sushi Kiosk Cooking Class with LSBA

On Tuesday, 3 May 2016 Sushi Kiosk came to LSPR to teach LSBA students how to make Sushi. This Cooking Class event was held at Drama Room, Campus B LSPR-Jakarta. Sushi kiosk is one of the famous sushi brand which is being promoted by the “Grab & Go” where customers can directly bring it home or eat sushi in your own place.

For this Cooking Class, Sushi Kiosk taught three of their flagship menu, namely Negitoro Sushi, Kanimayo Temaki, and Baked Salmon Maki. The LSBA students learned how to form rice, rolled up to become a Sushi Roll. The LSBA students were very enthusiastic, seen from how they pay attention, practice, and made the finished product sushi looks very tempting.