Easter is the day Christians celebrate the death of Jesus who gave His life to atone for human sin. Today LSPG Christian commemorated the death of Jesus on the cross with spiritual songs that accompanied the beginning of the Christian LSPG program with the theme “Living Hope”.

Speech by Shekinah Magda

The program was completed with a mass that began with an opening prayer and continued with Christian spiritual songs that fostered a strong sense of faith for the congregation present.

Pastor Benny Mayor Giving a Homily About Easter 2019

The event, which was held in the Auditorium on April 23, 2019, was also supplemented with a sermon by Pastor Benny Mayor to invite the congregations to join in celebrating the victory of God who had risen from his death after being nailed to the cross to atone for our sins.

Praise the Lord 

The event, which took place from 7 pm to 10 pm invited devotees to sing spiritual songs and reflect on their lives together.  This Easter event is expected to awaken humans to return to God who sacrificed His life for humanity. (Cik, Namira)