For the first time, the students of Mass Communication and Digital Media and Advertising major Batch 19 and 20 held a event called “Media Festival”. The event was held for three consecutive days, from 16-18 January 2018. This event is a collaboration that aims to showcase the results of the work of the students in the form of Short films, Photo Story, posters and Creative Advertising.

Mr. Yuliandre Darwis, as The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Chairman gave presentation

Exhibition of student work in the form of Photo Story, Posters and Creative Advertising were display around on the cafeteria and the second floor of the campus B. While, for the Short Film Screening It was held at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. Each student gets a chance vote for his or her most favorite film.

Mr. Rommy Fibri explained about LSF

Speakers for the seminar on the first day was Mr. Yuliandre Darwis, as The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Chairman and Mr. Rommy Fibri as the Indonesian Film Censorship Board (LSF) Spokeperson. Speakers explained about the “Behind the Scenes of TV Censorship”. They also explained the difference in duties and responsibilities of the KPI and LSF. This Seminar was moderated by Mrs. Dhita Widya Putri , M. Si

The seminar with theme “Behind the Scenes of TV Censorship”

Then, on the second day of the seminar it was moderated by Ms. Aprida Sihombing, M. Si with Mr.Reza Setiawan as Personal Branding Columnis. He gave a seminar on “Social Media as Personal Branding”. At present, social media has considerable influence, against other people’s judgment for ourselves.

Mr. Reza Setiawan gave a seminar with theme “Social Media as Personal Branding”

The last day of the seminar was closed by the seminar on “Elements of a Success Advertising Campaign” with the speaker Mr. Jazry Laotong as Account Director, Leo Burnett Group Indonesia and moderated by Dr. JA Wempi M.Si. Mr. Jazry Laotong closing seminar with the statement “To make a successful advertising campaign and you need to figure out your goal.”

A plaque of appreciation to Mr. Reza Setiawan

The seminars were very directly related to the concentration of the Mass Communication and Digital Media and Advertising. Each session of the seminar Media Festival followed by Q&A with some of the students and the audience was very enthusiastic to learn more. (Anita/Eliza/Karin/Dimas)