LSPR 4C and Ancol Aston Marin work together to carrying out coral and mangrove planting activity on 20 January 2018 in Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan seribu. LSPR 4C and Hotel Aston Marina has done this activity by planting 1,000 coral and mangrove together.

Opening ceremony for coral and mangrove planting activity

Ms. Vicky Sihombing, Club Coordinator LSPR 4C stated “We must continue to keep the ecosystem in Indonesia and contribute in protecting the coastline of Indonesia with down directly”. Then, Mr. Paundra Hanutama, as Marketing Manager of Hotel Aston Marina, stated “This is the first time the activity Hotel Aston Marina teamed with LSPR 4C, we hope for this kind of activity can continue because it is a real action to contribute to the preservation of the reefs and mangroves “.

Coral planting by LSPR 4C

LSPR 4C has successfully planted coral and mangrove total of 26,600 until the year 2016. The purpose of LSPR 4C partners with Hotel Aston Marina to invite to participate contribute in protecting the coastline of Indonesia especially in the thousand islands due to damage to the coast at Jakarta and the reduced number of marine ecosystems result waste are more accumulating. Corals have primary function in protecting the beach from erosion of funds abrasion. In addition the mangroves can also prevent the occurrence of the intrusion of sea water into the mainland.

The coral has their own name

LSPR 4C (Climate Change Champions Club) is a community in LSPR that focuses on environmental issues. For the past 8 years, LSPR 4 c have many activities, such as tree planting, cultivation of coral, mangrove tree planting, cleaning the city, held a seminar on environmental issues, the campaign of the movement “No Plastic and Styrofoam”, Earth Hour, and more.