On April 27th, LSPR 4C held its annual event, 4C Mangrove Restoration at Pesisir Marunda, Cilincing, Jakarta. Together with Yayasan WAHMI (Wahana Mangrove Indonesia), LSPR 4C intends to educate as well to practice environmental action by planting and arranging discussions about mangroves.

WAHMI Representative Told About Mangrove

Mangroves are useful in strengthening the Marunda coast which is currently seen as the most threatened area due to erosion, hence the need for an immediate fix. Mangroves are known to have been polluted by trash and plastic, from some of the many landfills that disrupt the ocean and coastal ecosystem. 

Restoration Mangrove in Wet Area


“Think green, act green, green with our hands”, is the slogan of LSPR 4C saying that reducing climate change should start with our own hands. LSPR 4C succeeded in planting 500 mangrove seeds in the Marundan Coastline.

Planted Mangrove On Water


Appreciation Plaque from LSPR 4C to WAHMI Organization

The day was opened by Devie Shyntia, representative of Student League LSPR and Afifah, president of LSPR 4C. The event included discussions from Nurul Ichsan, Director Executive of Yayasan WAHMI, followed by Mr. Ampung who shared his diving experiences and described the condition of deep ocean. Yayasan WAHMI also visited LSPR Jakarta to conduct seminars about eco-saving lifestyle and climate change.(Nadira, Mike)