November 2-5, 2018, DIKLARTAS, a basic training education for prospective members of LSPR Adventure, took place at Mount Slamet, Central Java. Furthermore, DIKLATSAR is intended to the Inauguration of the 6th new member of LSPR Adventure. It has been established since 2015.

A Departed ceremony by President of Student League, Javier.

Coordinator of the Sports Division Club, Muhammad Hidayat, said that mountain climbing was a reflection of the struggle against oneself, heroes, and the motherland environment.

LSPR Adventure Prospective Members

DIKLAT at Mount Slamet was attended by 56 people. Among them, there were 41 prospective members and 15 assistants including Club Coordinator, Initiator, Senior and officer of LSPR Adventure.

LSPR Adventure Succed to climb mount slamet