To commemorate the 9th year of partnership with Northumbria University, LSPR Jakarta held their annual LSPR Film Festival 2019. The film festival was held as an awarding event for Batch 20 students’ best short films and the successful end to the intensive digital media workshop week for LSPR Students. Unlike the previous years, Northumbria Film Festival 2019 this year was held at The Amani Palladium Theatre, LSPR Transpark Bekasi on Saturday, June 22, 2019. 

Ibu Prita and Bapak Kemal Gani with Lecturers and Successful Alumni

Throughout the year, the collaboration between LSPR-Jakarta and Northumbria University has created approximately 2,000 students’ short films. The partnership focuses on learning about TV programs, videos, and film productions, as well as post-production. These skills are applied through the subject of TV & Film Production 2 for students in the Mass Communications major, through creating a 7-minute short film as their final project. This year, LSPR-Jakarta welcomed guests and finalists with an Oscar-like red carpetThe top 10 finalists, judges and partners walked the red carpet to enter the film festival with a showcase of the Top 10 film posters. Alumni, Tasja Syarief, Karina Syahna, Shafinaz, Rani Ramadhani, Keira Shabira and many more fashionably entered the door for the awarding night.

Falentina Cotton, LSPR Alumni

“I am feeling great. LSPR always feels like home to me, and it’s been a long, long time since I graduated. So, I’m very excited to meet the family. I think LSPR is trying to level up in making an awarding night. So I’m very grateful that the students are motivated by the productions and the awarding as well,” said Falentina Cotton one of the LSPR Alumni.

Interview at red carpet with Prilly Latuconsina

Not only for the students, LSPR Jakarta also gave special awards for successful actresses and presenters from LSPR alumni. Prilly Latuconsina, Indonesian Actress as well student of Batch 22 STIKOM-LSPR added, as an actress, I cannot believe that I would receive appreciation from an academic institution. I am very glad that I can see the students’ projects. This will surely motivate students to combine their artwork and study”. 

Speech from Ms. Prita Kemal Gani

The event commenced with an opening speech from Founder & Director of STIKOM LSPR, Mrs. Prita Kemal Ghani, MBA, MCIPR, APR continuing with Dr. Lee Barron (International Development Department of Northumbria University) as a judge, as well a Northumbria representative with gratitude greetings about the students’ projects. He claimed that over these years, the films had dramatically improved and are more astounding every year. Mr. Yudhi Harijono, an international cake couturier and entrepreneur also gave his greetings for the film festival. Paul Smith O.B.E,Additionally, LSPR-Jakarta also gave a special award honouring a Lifetime of Achievement for Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto for his remarkable works and dedication in the art industry of Indonesia. 

Speech from Dr. Lee Barron – Northumbria University

Northumbria Film Festival 2019 awarded 30 students in 11 categories which are best in cinematography, script, visual effect, costume & make-up, supporting actor/actress, best actor/actress, director, and best film. Each were divided into three winners; silver, gold, and diamond. 

Finalist Top 10 LSPR Film Week 2019

The Best Film category went to What’s My Name (Dir. Kristikania, MC 20-Excellent), Jane (Dir. ), and Rachel (Dir. Dhina A. Zahar, MC 20-1B). The Best Actor winners were Kelvin Effendi from Sangkar Suminar (Dir. Florentina Natasha, MC-20), Michael Baniaraja from Kata, and Putra Haqiqi from A World Without You (Dir. Filnest Fandary). Best Actress winners were Ribka Kathryn from What’s My Name, Elsavia Robert from Rachel (Dir. Dhina A. Zahar, MC 20-1B), and Retania Lavinsia from Sangkar Suminar (Dir. Florentina Natasha, MC 20-1B)

Rachel Movie, winner of Best Film Category

Sangkar Suminar (Dir. Florentina Natasha, MC 20-1B) succeeded by holding five Diamond Winner Awards for Best in Script, Best in Cinematography, Best in Costume & Make-Up, Best Actress, and Best Director category. Last but not least, the short film also won the Best of the Best Film of the one and only Paul Smith Award. (Nadira)