The London School of Public Relations with Northumbria University held a Digital Film Making Masterclass to introduce how the film industry works. This activity was held at LSPR Transpark Juanda on June 17-18, 2019 at 9 am until endThis event was open to all LSPR students and high school students for free with 40 available slots per session. Workshop sessions were Directing, Special effects make up workshop, Casting, Cinematography and Post Production (sound effects and editing). Film practitioners were present to provide workshops to participants who attended.

Livi Zheng share her Experience in Hollywood Movie Industry

With the theme “Film Production in the US and Indonesia“, Livi Zheng conducted the film production directing class workshopLivi Zheng is a critically-acclaimed director and producer. She shared about the challenges encountered and solutions to the problems that she faced while making a film Hollywood.

Mr. Jemmy Lolowang Do Old Man Demonstration Make Up


Mr. Jemmy Lolowang do special effect demonstration Make Up

Then, Mr. Jemmy Lolowang, Special effects make up workshop, shared special tips and tricks for different make up strategies for different characters in film. He is a professional trainer of Cibtac Photography and fashion make up for Puspita Martha International Beauty School.

Mr. George Arif told about Directing

George Arif also conducted the Directing Workshop. He has been in industry since 1999 and is an expert in directing movies. Since 2003, he has run his own production company.

Gemilang with His Drone

Gemilang Practice How To Control The Drone

With the theme “Aerial (Drone) Cinematography”, Gemilang attended for Cinematography workshop. He work in Aerial Photo and Video coverage in 2013. He grew his clientele from working with local companies all the way to international clients like BBC, CAN, National Geographic, and many more. He told about making cinematography with drone camera and how to control the drone.

Khiva Told About Acting in front of Camera

Khiva Iskak attended In casting workshop. He is an Indonesian Actor who starts his career by learning acting in theatre. He told how to act, how to express the feeling and how to become a professional actors. He is also teaching in LSPR as Performing Arts Lecturer .

Mr. Andre in Post Production Workshop

The last practitioner was Andreas Humala who is a multimedia activist, a visual maker that combines music and sound effects. He is also a lecturer for digital design, photographic communications, and digital advertising. In the Post Production workshop, he discussed sound effects, editing in films and why editing is very important in making a film. In addition to visuals, people will also be interested if in a film there are sound effects that support the film. (Cik)