Jakarta – On November 27th, 2019, the Graduation for LSPR Class 2019 was held in Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place. The ceremony was divided into two sessions. The first ceremony was for Post-graduate, LSBA, Mass Communication, Digital Media & Creative Advertising, also Performance Art Communication students. LSPR graduated 1080 students at this year’s graduation ceremonies. The ceremony started with the grand entrance of the senate members. Some of the senate members included Mrs. Sue Davies, Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis, M.Si, and was led by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR Founder and Director of LSPR

Grand entrance of the senate members

After the entrance, LSPR Choir gave a couple of performances, including Indonesia Raya and LSPR Hymn, which was sung by all the ceremony attendees. After the performance, the MC introduced all the senate members and continued with giving awards for the Best Student and the Best of the Best Student from the post-graduate and undergraduate program. Some of the winners for the post-graduate program were Jeremiah Daniel, Maudy Sabila, Metta Ratana, and others. The winner for Best of the Best Student was Metta Ratana.

Performances by LSPR Choir

Best of The Best Student Post Graduate Program

For Best Student award for the undergraduate program were Nur Rohman Rizky Widyanto, Angelia, Marsha Ruth Handoko, Ai Leen, and others. The winner for Best of the Best Student was Nur Rohman Rizky Widyanto from Mass Communication class.

Best of The Best Student Undergraduate Program

After the awards, the ceremony continued with speeches. The first speech was from Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si. He talked about the meaning of this graduation ceremony, the tradition of wearing the toga, and the message behind moving the graduation cap rope from left to right. After Dr. Andre, Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA,MICPR,APR gave an inspirational speech and a lot of advice for the graduates. She mentioned to be thankful to our parents and to pray for them every day.

Speech from Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani MBA,MCIPR,APR

Speech from Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si

The next speech was from Dr. M. Samsuri SPd, MT, as Secretary of LLDIKTI Wilayah III. He mentioned that the 2019 class will be the last that graduates from STIKOM LSPR since STIKOM LSPR has now changed into the Institute of Communication and Business LSPR. After him, Dr. Nunung Rusmiati M.Si, as a successful alumni, gave a speech about how LSPR turned her into a better person, and how she learnt so much from LSPR. The last speaker was Muhammad Yusuf Hamka, the Advisor of PT. Citra Marga Nusphala Persada, Tbk. He told an inspiring story about his life.

Speech from Dr. M. Samsuri SPd, MT

Speech from Dr. Nunung Rusmiati

H. Muhammad Yusuf Hamka

LSPR Graduation Class of 2019

After the speeches, the ceremony continued with the main event, which was the graduation of the students of 2019 class. The ceremony ended with throwing of the graduation cap into the air.

Article by Dianka Rinya Fitriansyah

Photo by LSPR