November 30th, 2017 marks the most exciting moment  for LSPR  Class of 2017 as the London School of Public Relation Jakarta held its annual graduation ceremony. The events was held at the Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton – Pacific Place Jakarta and was attended by approximately 1119 students from both the Undergraduate and Post Graduate in total not included their family and love ones who made the day extra special. The graduation was divided into 2 sessions the morning session was for the students of Public Relations, Marketing, International Relations, and London School Beyond Academy and the afternoon session was for the students of Mass Communication, Digital Media and Advertising, Performing Arts Communications and Master’s Degree Program.

The procession of the Senate of the London School of Public Relations Jakarta

Both of the session were open by the Procession of the Senate of the London School of Public Relations Jakarta and opening remarks by Dr. Andre Ikhsano, M.Si as the President Committee of LSPR Graduation Ceremony as well as by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani , MBA., MCIPR., APR as the Founder and Director of LSPR Jakarta. On her speech, Mrs. Prita gave message to all the graduates from class of 2017 to use all of the knowledge they have gained from LSPR wisely and to always keep their Almamater’s good reputation and to always make her proud!

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, gave messages to all of graduates

At the morning session of the show continued with greetings from Mr. Chairal Tanjung, Director CT. Corp, speeches from Dr. Illah Sailah, Ms as the Coordinator of Kopertis III Jakarta and also the speech of Dr. Handry Satriago, CEO of General Electric – Indonesia that said the first step in becoming a leader is to be a leader for ourselves.

Prof. Mike Hardy, CMG OBE FRSA got a plaque of appreciation from Mr. Kemal Effendi Gani as the Chairman of Yayasan Pesona Pribadi Sejahtera

Meanwhile, in the afternoon shift events continued with the speech of the Prof. Mike Hardy, CMG OBE FRSA  from Coventry University, who told the graduates to be thankful for having the opportunity to learn and to live their lives with a purpose and after that continued with a speech from Mr.Triawan Munaf,  Chief of The creative economy of the Republic of Indonesia he said “Let’s use your academic knowledge as great as possible to work in order to bring new brilliant ideas that could enrich and strengthen our nation”.

The great performances by LSPR Choir

Each speaker that is, Mr. Chairal Tanjung, Dr. Handry Santiago, Dr. Illah Sailah, Ms,Prof Mike Hardy, CMG OBE FRSA, and Mr. Triawan Munaf, received a plague of appreciation from Mr. Kemal Effendi Gani as the Chairman of Yayasan Pesona Pribadi Sejahtera

Cornelia Alverina, Best of the best students from Academic of Campus B

At the Graduation event also announced the best students on each program.The best students from the undergraduate program were:

Public Relations :

1. Liesela Mariska

2. Gwendolyn Betsy

3. Dhita Medhavi

Marketing Communication :

1. Elvina

2. Dionisius Lesmana

3. Kannethly Garry

International Relations :

1. Cheryl Stephani P. Mohede

2. Chatty Octavia

3. Faradita Prayusti

Mass Communication :

1. Chairani Ineza

2. Jesika Shendy

3. Nur Fadilah

Digital Media and Advertising :

1. Yovita

2. Cornelia Alverina

3. Virta Shahdadpuri

Performing Arts Communication :

1. Ganit Mirabeth Sonia

2. Shinly Francisca

3. Grace Givona Wilson Sutaton

Best of the best students for academic of Campus C : Dhita Medhavi
Best of the best students for non academic : Dionisius Lesmana

Best of the best students for Academic of Campus B : Cornelia Alverina

Charissa P. Notohardjo, best student of the Post Graduate Program from Corporate Communication

The best student from the Post Graduate Program, were :

Professional Programme :

1. R.A Emilia Natarina (Marketing Communication)

2. Charissa P. Notohardjo (Corporate Communication)

Acceleration Program :

1. Maria Ulfa (Mass Media Management)

2. Angelina Raindra (Marketing Communication)

The representative of graduates reading the promise of the almamater

LSPR – Jakarta graduation event concludes with the inauguration of the title of the graduates and the reading of the promise for the Almamater.
We would like to congratulate all the graduates for their achievement and we wish you all the best and hope that they will make use of all the knowledge that they have gained at LSPR! (Cut/Tiara/Fakhira/Jasmine/Natashya/Citra/Elizabeth/Anita)