On June 25, 2018, Mr. Emil Oscar Ekelund from the Zealand Institute of Business and Technology (ZIBAT) University arrived in Indonesia to teach in The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR). Mr. Emil’s expertise area is a Multimedia Design in which he has been working for 2 years. This collaboration is done through Lecturer Exchange Program between LSPR and ZIBAT.

He is teaching LSPR Students

Mr. Emil shared with LSPR students his knowledge about history and cultural significance of his country, Denmark.

Students of LSPR pay attention to Mr. Emil

So, Mr. Emil introduced such historical places of Denmark as  The Christiansborg Castle, The Black Diamond, The little Mermaid and The Malienborgstarting. Additionally, students had a chance to know about traditional cuisine of Denmark, significantly about Smorebrod, Frikadeller, Wienerbrod, Stegt Flaesk and Sustromning. (Anita)