Jakarta & Bekasi – LSPR Rescue club and Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA., MCIPR., APR, Founder and CEO of LSPR Communication & Business Institute, on Thursday 2 January 2020 gathered in campus to distribute food and clothing that had been prepared for DKI Jakarta flood victims, especially residents of RW09 Karet Tengsin. Items of food and clothing were sent to the evacuation post which was located at Masjid Tengsin Al-I’tisham Karet. LSPR Rescue mobilized 6 people from club members, also the club coordinator Mr. Muhammad Hidayat, M.I.Kom, and these were assisted by several other LSPR students.

Evacuation RW09 Karet Tengsin

LSPR Communication & Business Institute also opened a public kitchen in the student area in LSPR Sudirman Park Campus. LSPR sent around 300 food packages to flood victims. The LSPR Rescue Team was assisted by the LSPP Team in evacuating flood victims, after visiting DKI Jakarta BPBD to borrow an evacuation boat. The LSPR Rescue Team left for Cipinang Melayu, the main evacuation post at Borobudur University, where there was a total of 230 flood victim families. At the evacuation post LSPR Rescue Team socialized with the victims, and made donations in the form of food, and some clothes.

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani in Evacuation Post

The next day, on Wednesday January 3, 2020, LSPR Rescue Team focused on helping to evacuate the victims of the flood disaster in the Rawa Buaya and Greenville areas. LSPR Lecturers, Staff, and members of the Student League also headed to Duren Jaya Bekasi to help flood victims who had difficulty getting clean water and food. LSPR cooperated with the Bekasi Keren Team, which is a community under the vice mayor of Bekasi, working together to provide assistance to flood victims.

Mr. Sandy Adhitia at Duren Jaya Bekasi

Mr. Sandy Adhitia, Deputy Head of Creative and also a LSPR lecturer who took part in the field said that they were more likely to provide assistance in the form of fast food and clean water, due to the lack of stoves and raw materials. Mr. Sandy also reminded us of the importance of knowing what the flood victims need. For example, it turns out that instant noodles don’t help victims too much, because they have difficulty getting stoves and clean water for cooking. They are in more need of clean water stocks, fast food, clothes like school uniforms and it is better if they are not given secondhand clothes.

Article by Putri Syifa S, Dianka Rinya F

Photo by LSPR