Sharing session in 2018 together with parents of students from Batch 20 and management of LSPR Jakarta was held at Prof. Dr.Djajusman Auditorium & Performance Hall. Sharing Session of batch 20 was divided into two sessions at 10.00 and 15.00. The event was opened by the show from the LSPR Senior Band, presented some songs and then continued with the announcement of the door prize winners.

Opening Performances from “LSPR Senior Band

Candy Hernandez, B.S.N., M.Si as Head of LSPR Careers & Employability Center explained  the various corporate partners of LSPR, these are companies and universities who has collaboration with LSPR for the future careers of our students.

Mrs. Marisol Hernandez Tolosa, B.Sn., M.Si as Head of Career Center explained about opportunites for student’s career

Renata Tirta Kurniawan, M.Si. as a Dean Campus B showed students showcase and Continued with the presentation from Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, as a co-founder and Director of the LSPR Jakarta regarding the new LSPR campus which will be established at TransPark Juanda, Bekasi.

Renata Tirta Kurniawan, M.Si. as a lecturer and Dean Campus B gave information about Campus B

Although this event was held on Sunday January 21, 2018 parents were very enthusiastic in the event session closes with suggestions and questions. most parents questioned the subject displacement of campus B LSPR from Sudirman Park, Central Jakarta to Jakarta and Juanda, was answered directly by Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR. (Anita/Elizabeth/Tiara/Jasmine)

One of Parents from Batch 20 asked questions