On Monday, January 21, 2019, LSPR Rescue held Club’s INAUGURATION and a “MILENNIALS DISASTER RESPONSE” seminar.

The speakers for seminar


Tri Indrawan, A.Md.AK.SH.M.Si, a representative of the DKI Jakarta governor; I Made Okta SH, M..Si, a Head of the Operating Section and Standby Search and Help of Jakarta SAR Office; Dr. Iqbal H Keborak, a Member of the Field of Disaster Management and the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association; and Dr. Daryono, S.SI, M.SI, a Head of the Field of Earthquake Information and Early Warning, were invited to attend the seminar.

Lspr rescue team with sutedent league


Remarks from Muhammad Hidayat, M.Ikom, the Coordinator of LSPR Rescue, and Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari, a Deputy Director III of LSPR Jakarta, opened events.

Lspr rescue team


The “MILENNIALS DISASTER RESPONSE” seminar was about a sharing session presented by the four speakers about discussing and explaining a disaster response, helping disaster victims and repairing damaged areas, doing socialization to prevent disasters. The sharing session was closed with a question and answer session between seminar participants and resource persons. It continued with the submission of placards to the four speakers as a thankful form.

I Made Okta SH, M.Si


“We expect children of millennials to play an active and synergetic role to help to inform us if we see the occurrence of a disaster, also with readiness and readiness to help disaster victims and respond to disasters, and together to prevent disasters. I also expect millennial children now to disseminate information based on facts, but not to spread false information especially regarding disasters,” said I Made Okta SH, M.Si, a Head of the Operations Section and Standby Search and Rescue of the Jakarta SAR office

The Inauguration process for the establishment of the LSPR Rescue club became the closing part of those events.

Article by : Chelsea Jahaang

Photo by : Athaya Mardhiyatillah