On Tuesday, 24 April 2018, a collaboration event between LSPR SAGA 2018 finalists, the LSPR Modelling Club, and the Pure Laser Clinic, the part of the series of events towards LSPR SAGA 2018 final. The event was held in RJ Room, Campus B, The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR).

Dr Prita gave education about the skin

The event was opened with a seminar by Dr Prita, Pure Laser Clinic doctor. During the event, the doctor introduced what is a laser treatment and what kind of treatments are available in the Pure Laser Clinic. Additionally, the doctor explained main differences between procedures in the Pure Laser Clinic from those in other clinics. The Pure Laser Clinic provides unpainful, unirritating the skin treatments. The total time of procedures is 10 minutes, so it is very helpful for those who have a very tight schedule and needs to do the treatment fast.

SAGA Finalists were given a chance to do a skin check with Pure Laser Clinic

Dr Prita kindly answered all questions during the Q&A session. She also shared her knowledge of daily care of their skin, how to keep the skin healthy and hygienical.

SAGA finalists did a photoshoot challenge

Having listened to a new and useful information regarding the treatments, there were also a skin checking session and consultation for the SAGA finalists. People could consult with the doctor personally concerning their personal skin problems.

The winner of photoshoot challenge

In the end, the SAGA finalists did a photoshoot with the “Beauty” label to represent the Pure Laser Clinic. By doing this, Stephanie Lauren won a treatment voucher for RP. 3,600,000. (Natashya/Tiara)