On Friday, 13 April 2018, LSPR students form the batch 21 joined the ‘Anti-Drugs’ seminar that was held by LSPR with the collaboration of Syair Untuk Sahabat Foundation at Prof. Dr Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B.

Mr Yudi, from Syair Foundation explained about bad impact of drugs

The National Anthem of Indonesia and LSPR Hymn opened the seminar. After that, Mr Yudi, a representative of Syair Foundation, explained the bad impact of drugs on people’s health that leads to HIV/AIDS disease. The prevailing majority of people consuming drugs are young generation. Nowadays, it is the biggest challenge that people should prevent.

Syair Foundation conducting a campaign to stop drugs

Having been infected with HIV/AIDS viruses since 2003, Mr Yudi shared his experience how to survive, be strong, live in and deal with the society. The main message was how to protect her children from HIV/AIDS infections while educating others. The seminar was closed with a question and answer session about drugs and HIV/AIDS viruses. Some of the students were curious about the mutation of HIV/AIDS viruses, how to educate people to deal with HIV/AIDS patients, etc. The most interesting question touched some traditional food of Indonesia that contains some kind of organic narcotics. (Elizabeth/Irfan)