On 18 February 2019, LSPR students from class 22-1A presented a theatre performance entitled “Another Life” at the Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, The London School of Public Relations Jakarta, Campus B.

Mary sings as opening act of Another Life Theatre

“Another Life” tells a story about a couple who try to support each other during the worst time of their life. Mary, a 30 years old woman, struggles with kidney cancer and Douglas, her husband, tries to prevent Mary from taking euthanasia. A disease makes the heroine depressed. She always has suicidal thoughts.

Mary and Douglas’s first appointment to euthanasia

Not only giving the audiences a romantic and touching storyline, “Another Life” also serves great actings and performances of every actor.

The dance at Mary and Douglas’ house

“Having the chance to be involved in this theatre is such an amazing experience to me. I learned how to deliver emotions and also to understand my character in a short amount of time. And it is quite challenging” said Thomas Edward S. who played the role as Douglas.

Mary unveiling her wig; a result of her cancer therapy and preparing herself for the euthanasia

“During the making process of this theater I tried to unite the students and also share my knowledges and experiences in performing arts to them. I want them to be united as one family, to act together, but not just individually. I want them to be able to do each aspect of performing arts, both as an actor and production team,” shared Mr. Mikha, the lecturer of LSPR, with LSPR News.
Article by: Natashya Julian & Bella Arilda
Photo by: Nadira Arnindya