The London School of Public Relations held LSPR Transpark open house activities on Sunday 31 March 2019 at LSPR Transpark Campus Juanda Bekasi. The Open House started at 10am to 6pm. This activity aims to introduce parents and students to the facilities in the new campus, and included batch 22 students who have registered in Transpark, batch 21 and batch 20 majors in Mass and Social Media Communication, Digital Visual Communication, Performing Arts Communication, and Entrepreneurship Business Communication. LSPR lecturers and staff also attended the event.

A parent taking picture in one of facilities in LSPR Transpark


The Lecturer are welcoming the students and parents to LSPR Transpark

LSPR Transpark building consists of 12 floors with facilities that support student learning activities such as classrooms, libraries, recording rooms, band studios, tv studios, meeting rooms, drawing classes for DVC majors, editing rooms, computer labs, prayer rooms, rooms take a shower on each floor, a media center room, a lobby filled with sofas that can be used to do group assignments, marketing, student services, accounting, SGO, Puket, radio stations, and auditorium. The building is also equipped with a large elevator with a capacity of approximately 15 people and a large staircase on each corner of the floor.

The students and parents saw the facilities of LSPR Transpark


Multi Purpose Hall


Drawing classes for Digital Visual Communications majors

“I hope that LSPR Transpark will be beneficial for the people of Indonesia. I want Indonesian students to have experiences that are felt by students abroad because the standards are the same as those abroad, so there is no need to go abroad to study. I also hope that this campus is useful for residents of Bekasi, Jakarta, Indonesia, and even overseas students who attend school at LSPR. Besides that, hopefully the lecturers can serve the nation”, that is the hope of Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR as the Founder and Director of LSPR.

LSPR Transpark


Main Entrance

In the Open House event, there was also a photo booth session where all those who came had the opportunity to take photos at the booth which was provided and the photos could be taken home immediately so people remember their visit to LSPR Transpark, Bekasi. (Cik, Mike)

The students and parents took a photo booth session