The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR) is building a new campus to give LSPR and potential students more opportunities for their personal and professional developments.

Speech from Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR

On Sunday, August 12, 2018, the Topping Off Ceremony was held in Bekasi at Transpark area, the Ir. Haji Juanda No. 180, Duren Jaya, Bekasi Timur, Bekasi, West Java, 1711, by Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, the Founder & Director of LSPR, and Chairul Tanjung, CEO of Trans Corp.

Speech from Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto

The LSPR Transpark Campus is an additional campus built specifically for the Department of Performing Arts of Communication, Digital Media Communication, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality Management & MICE, Mass Communication with two sub-concentrations such as Digital Film Making & Broadcast Journalism. For today, there are three existing campuses of LSPR such as Intiland Tower, Sudirman Park Campuses, and Bali-Renon.

Speech from Chairul Tanjung, CEO of Trans Corp.

“The building of the new Campus will host thousands of students and lecturers. It will provide more job opportunities for locals. The construction of the LSPR Transpark Campus is a new and better future for the young generation of Indonesia.” said Prita Said Kemal Gani, MCIPR, APR, the Founder & Director of LSPR – Jakarta.

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR, laying the golden nail

Transpark Campus positions itself as an international one. It is 12 stories building filled with 33 classrooms, five studios, including a TV Studio, Film Production & Post Production Recording Studio Animation, & Mixing, Radio, and Studio Life Drawing Studio, library. New and big Auditorium will accommodate more than 400 people, and so on.

Take picture together after topping off

Cinema, Theme park, Snow village, supermarkets, apartment, hotel and many other facilities will be constructed around the Campus at the Transpark industrial area. (Anita/Edwin)