Bekasi – Appreciation of the talent and skills of mothers in the Metro Bekasi City neighborhood was arranged by the LSPR Communication & Business Institute together with the Centre for ASEAN Creative Development Studies (CACS) to commemorate Mother’s Day, in collaboration with Bhayangkari, the Metro Bekasi City branch. The event entitled Womenpreneur which was attended by the Bhayangkari mothers, was held at the LSPR Transpark Bekasi campus, Thursday, December 26, 2019. More than 50 administrators and members of the Bhayangkari Metro Bekasi Kota branch enthusiastically participated in the activity with the aim of becoming a successful Womenpreneur in the future. Exposure and panel discussions from Resource Persons facilitated exploration for each participant present.

LSPR with Bhayangkari Metro Bekasi Kota

Running various businesses among the Bhayangkari mothers aims to ensure a better life for the family. Chairman, of the Bekasi Metro Bekasi branch Bhayangkari, Youce Indarto stressed that every woman has talent that can be used as the main capital to start a business”. In addition to supporting our husband’s activities, we wives who are members of Bhayangkari are also encouraged as much as possible to develop and run various businesses. The goal is for families to have better welfare”, he said.

Mrs. Prita Kemal Gani & Mrs. Youce Indarto

The Womenpreneur event was opened by the Founder & CEO of LSPR Communication & Business Institute Prita Kemal Gani MBA, MCIPR, APR. In her presentation, Prita shared the experiences of young entrepreneurs who have dared to start a business from something small and part of their daily lives. “Dreams are the initial key in starting a business, besides that having leadership skills, understanding the passion and unique selling points of products or services produced in a business, are some things that should be owned by an entrepreneur”, said Prita in her speech at the Womenpreneur event.

Present as resource persons in the panel discussions were Deputy Rector III of LSPR Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D, Deputy Head of Reputation of LSPR Sandy Adithia, LSPR Lecturer and Director of J&M Creative Agency Mahadi Asman. Each resource person presented the topics on How to be a Womenpreneur, Business Through Creativity and Time Management, and the socialization of the Incubation Program initiated by LSPR.

Discussions with Mr. Taufan Teguh Akbari, Ph.D

The Womenpreneur activity is the first step in building business incubation in the process of understanding, finding, building and running a business. Under the auspices of the LSPR Centre for ASEAN Creativepreneurship Studies (CACS) Incubation Program, in January next year several Resource Persons will again hold similar activities with more detailed and applicable topics. LSPR CACS Incubation is part of the LSPR institution and a support unit that provides several programs to guide, foster and accelerate the level of business success, especially in the creative industry through a series of mentoring programs. In addition, LSPR CACS also accommodates various academic and non-academic activities, such as strengthening courses in the concentration of Entrepreneurship Business Communication, Trailblazer / Start Up, Work Institutions at the London School Beyond Academy (LSBA), Parentpreneur which houses the community of parents of Children with Special Needs. (ABK).

Sharing Sessions with Bhayangkari Metro Bekasi

Q&A Sessions

LSPR hopes that the Womenpreneur activities for the Bhayangkari Mothers will further nurture the skills of women born as multitalented beings. Not only skilled in assisting the couple to achieve a trusted career, but also helped create and build a business as a family business that sustains a prosperous life. “This activity will continue to roll out and embrace all women communities, because we believe that one of the keys to family success is in the hands of women. Happy Mother’s Day, stay an inspiration in the family”, concluded Mrs. Prita at the end of her presentation.

Article by LSPR News

Photo by LSPR