On Tuesday, January 16, 2018. PR Major Show Up has been held at LSPR Jakarta campus A. The aim of this workshop is to give more knowledge about the PR itself as well as the form of PR promotion to the students of LSPR batch 21 in choosing the major later.

The students got more knowledge about the Public Relations

The speaker is also a selected student from Batch 19 and Batch 20 from the PR students itself. There are two speakers who participated in this workshop. The first speaker is Stephanie Cecilia of class 19 because she ever became a representative of LSPR at the University of Indonesia.The second speaker is Fidelia Susanti from batch 20. She’s the representative of her PR project team because her team was selected as Best of The Best PR Project.

Fidelia Susanti from batch 20 gave her knowledge about PR Project

After the two speakers finished their presentation, they open the questions and answers session related to PR. At the end of workshop, the participants divided into 3 groups and they have got 10 minutes to prepare their presentation before showing it. Then each of group presented it briefly in front of the other participants with the topic which they had chosen and were judged by the speakers. (Fakhira)