The 19th LSPR theater festival, class 20-19A presents a thriller genre drama entitled Matter of Intent. This performance was held in Prof. Djayusman Auditorium and Performance Hall. The drama told the mystery of murder without witness and society without a system of justice perspective, where Temple Scott must seek the truth and reveal justice.

Gate opened at 07:00pm. The audience was invited to enter the auditorium with the help of the usher to occupy the seat that has been provided. Auditorium atmosphere became crowded because a lot of enthusiastic audience waiting for the start of the show and see his or her friends perform on stage.

The atmosphere changed after the start of the show featuring the first scene that brought a sense of tension from the audience who witnessed the murder by the maid to his own master. In addition, the atmosphere becomes tense at the court scene where the wrong determination with the right. The show ends at the time of the curtain call, the main cast, stage crew and director also the production manager are pleased to enter the stage. Auditorium atmosphere became crowded with the audience gave applause and flowers to the cast as a sense of appreciation of its performance. (Arman)