JAKARTA – Mr. Arswendo was a writer, journalist and a lecturer at LSPR Jakarta in the Department of Performing Arts Communications. His departure last July was an emotional one and the memories of him are those that everyone around him does not want to forget. His kindness to his fellow lecturers and students means this cheerful and generous person will be greatly missed.

Memorial service of Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto

On Wednesday 4 September 2019, The London School of Public Relations held a Memorial Service for Mr. Arswendo at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, LSPR Sudirman Park and was attended by lecturers and students of LSPR.

The Memorial Service began with a Mass held in Rafael Jolongbayan Room, followed by dinner at Trocadero. The service then continued with remarks from fellow lecturers, Mrs. Dhita and Mr. Tunggul who shared many memories of Mr. Arswendo as well as funny stories experienced together while working as colleagues.

Peers and students of Mr. Arswendo Atmowiloto joined the service by performing Monologue by Mr. Arswendo himself on LSPR Sudirman Park Auditorium

Bilyana Lathisya to enliven the memorial service

The monologue, poetry and song performances were performed by fellow lecturers and students who were under the guidance of Mr. Arswendo. The Memorial Service ended with the giving of a plaque of appreciation to Mr. Arswendo’s family and closed with a speech from Ms. Agnes, the wife of Mr. Arswendo.

Mother and spouse of Mr. Arswendo gave speech for the memorial service night

Goodbye Mr. Arswendo, thank you for all kindness and your great work. (Cik, Nadira)