LSPR Media Center Clubs’ first Competition, Seminars, and Montage were successfully held on 27-29 June 2018 at LSPR – Jakarta, Campus B. The LSPR Media Center consists of Three Clubs – such as LSPR News, LSPR TV, and LSPR Radio. 

Reza Ramadhansyah shared his knowledge in broadcasting field

On Thursday, 27 June 2018, Montage was presented a “News Presenting Seminar” by a news anchor from Liputan 6 SCTV, Reza Ramadhansyah. He talked about his involvement in the broadcasting field, additionally, he shared the tips for LSPR students who want to work in the broadcasting world. The seminar ended with a plaque of appreciation for Reza Ramadhansyah.

Students of LSPR asked questions to Reza Ramadhansyah

On Friday 29 June 2018, Prambors’ Broadcaster Mario & Eda, known as “Duo Bujang”, was invited to be speakers for the “Let’s Talk About Radio” seminar. Mario & Eda told their life story starting from the first meeting at Prambors Radio, the process of their learning to be broadcasters till nowadays of being Radio announcers. 

A plaque of appreciation to Reza Ramadhansyah

At the end of “The Montage 2018” event, Mario&Eda received their plaque of appreciation from LSPR – Jakarta. Among the winners of “Montage 2018” competition are:

“Duo Bujang” as radio announcer shared their experiences

Citizen Journalism Competition:

1. Fadhel Reksa

2. Arnike Michelina

3. Zahrah Alvionita

Journalist Writing & Photography Competition:

1. Yuyun Anggraini

2. Nadira Arnindya