Nawang Wulan is a very traditional folklore and comes from Central Java. What happens if the folklore of Nawang Wulan is present again in the millennials and modern era? Presented by 20-5A class on 25 July 2017 in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, a performance theater that picks up a folkfore of Nawang Wulan (Meviola Grachiella) which is again brought to earth by a storyteller (Benedicta Xenia) with Jaka Tarub (Yudhistira Ilham) as her husband. The Story was rewritten by Director (Anindya Putri) and Assistant Director (Maria Stelladimax) takes a genre of comedy and romance to add more value to this folklore.
Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub revived by the Storyteller from magic story book but the reality is Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan not present as the story character of traditional and old fashion, but the production Theater of class 20-5A change Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub became like very modern and like teen millennials. The seven nymphs of Nawang Wulan’s sisters were also opened the Theater with sensational dance and movement and invited high enthusiasm from the audience. In this story also presented a person who plays a Tiger in a film and a producer who eventually became one of Nawang Wulan dream to go to Jakarta and leave Jaka Tarub.
But not all Nawang desire run smoothly. The life of Jakarta is not in accordance with the original character of Nawang Wulan and he also lost the bag because of a thief. Jaka Tarub who never stopped looking for Nawang in Jakarta finally found Nawang Wulan crying on the edge of Jakarta Street. Finally Nawang and Jaka return to the stories of those who live happily. This theater finally closed with Flashmob from all crew and cast Nawang Wulan 20-5A. (Namira/Yobella)