Saturday, October 21, 2017, the London School of Public Relations-Jakarta held an Open Day at the LSPR 2 Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall.The students candidates attended to get a more in-depth information regarding LSPR Jakarta.

Mr Michael Cobis gave information about LSPR Post Graduate Program

When  they arrived in the auditorium, the potential students and parents get the chance to see the video about successful alumni. The show opened with a performance of the LSPR Band. Then, followed by greetings from Mr. Taufan Akbari as Dean of Campus A, Mr  Dendy Muris as Associate Dean Campus B and Mary Lemona as Associate Dean Campus C.

Successful alumni of LSPR Jakarta session

After that, the show was followed by a presentation from Mr Michael Cobis – head of Marketing Post Graduate Program and information regarding to the payment procedure in LSPR-Jakarta by Mr. Adi Pratama. In addition Ms. Sue Davies, Mr.Scott Bunton, Ms. Candy Hernandez and Mr. John had their sharing sessions as an expat lecturers at LSPR and team LSPR English Division also provides information about English classes in LSPR.

Campus tour for the participants of open day LSPR 

 Alumni also invited to share their experience as students and professional, they were Dewi Yuany (Head of Corporate Communication of Mayapada Healthcare Group), Kesuma Kurniadi (Founder and Director of Chiel Shoes), Ibnu Sulhan (Foreign Ministry Diplomat, Lily Subani (Digital Marketing Advisor of Krediv), Maria Michella Pemba ( Manager Andien Aisha) and Kenny Djafar (Announcer in Prambors radio). (Fina/Allysa)