On November 3, 2018, LSPR-Jakarta organized student orientation for students who have not attend this event yet at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR – Jakarta. The Orientation Day is mandatory event and one of graduation requirements for LSPR students.

Aufa as Speaker at Orientation Day

Orientation was open by Aufa & Sekar as MC. Students were introduced to various departments at LSPR. Ms. Mary Lemona introduced and explained the rules, programs and campus management. Mr. Christian Santoso introduced about LSPR Club & synergy member of student league. Ms. Sue Davis, Head of the English Division,


Ms Sue explained the rules and conditions of the English Division.

Mr. Rafiuddin Andi Akil, S.H, M.Sc as Head of SGO explained the rules of the students and its matters. Representatives of the IT Department, showed e-mails that might be used by students as one of their media communication. Mr. Dendy Muris as Associate Dean of campus B talked about the academic and student service system at LSPR.

LSPR Club & synergy member of student league.

In addition, LSPR students were also informed by Mr. Yoseph, CMS (Content Management Service), LSPR United, 15000 NAP, and information about international relations & partnerships office LSPR exchange students.
In the end, LSPR students performed a yelyel and drama based on the LSPR 10 Pillars. (Delaina/Sabil)