The London School of Public Relations – Jakarta (LSPR) has become the annual destination for the coming students from Osaka International University (OIU), Japan. Since 2014, OIU students have been coming to Indonesia to have Indonesian language classes.

Mrs. Annisa Hara in class

LSPR – Jakarta created all the needed conditions and management for students to feel comfortable and have a fruitful study. The class was held with the help guidance of Mrs. Annisa Hara and 5 student buddies in a very interactive form.

Maju, Mundur, Cantik Dance

OIU students exchanged their cultural knowledge about Japan and at the same time learned about Indonesian culture. During the session, students not only practiced language abilities but also watched a famous Indonesian movie like “Maju, Mundur, Cantik.”

LSPR Students gave warm welcome for OIU student

“It was great. The Indonesian language classes helped me a lot in the trip around Indonesia,” said Kyoko, an English major student from the Osaka International University.

Certificate from LSPR for Osaka International University Student

Additionally, students participated in LSPR – Jakarta Campus Tour and, in the end, they received certificates of completing the basic course of the Indonesian language. (Nadira/Irfan)