On 6 February 2018, Osaka University of Tourism, visited the London School of Public Relations. The event was held at the TV Studio, LSPR – Jakarta by presenting a talk show about Indonesia and LSPR.

Ms. Nadine Samala explained about LSPR – Jakarta

The event started with a campus tour, started at the rooms on campus, drama room, multimedia room, library, canteen. and those to the 3rd floor room of Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall LSPR Jakarta. While in the auditorium, they saw a reherseal of performances that will be staged at night.

Introducing the buddies

In addition, they also conducted a campus tour to campus c. Here, more classrooms and meeting rooms for student academic support. After a campus tour, they returned again to the TV Studio and got explanation about the LSPR.

Took photos together

Students of Osaka University of Tourism also get the chance to learn Indonesia as well. Starting from, the thing that should not be done and can be done in Indonesia until the currency of Indonesia. This class is taught by Mrs. Annisa Hara, S.Ds, M.MD. (Farah/Savira)