On Friday, August 10, 2018, in collaboration with Mrs. Gianti Giadi, the Gigi Art of Dance, PAC students Batch 20 had an opportunity to perform a theatrical dance at Ciputra Artpreneur Museum, Lotte Shopping Avenue. The main message was to support a peace. There were seven dances created by students and two dances created by Gianti Giadi and 32 students from PAC students Batch 20.

The choreography was shown in the different area at Ciputra Artpreneur, Lotte Shopping Avenue such as:

Theme:“Child in War”

Title: Speck of Hope

Synopsis: Two girls are trying to keep their dreams alive during the world war period.

All of the casts speak up about human abusement


Theme:“Religion & Terrorism”

Title: Terrorism in the Name of Religion

Synopsis: Diversity of religions. All religions are different, but they teach everyone one thing is – to be kind! There are still people want to achieve a power and wealth, so they use religion to make a chaos.

Performance about children abuse

Theme:“Art for Peace”

Title: Art is the Weapon

Synopsis: Art is the solution. How do you think?

All of tha casts in the end of performance

Theme: Slavery

Title: Be Free

Synopsis: There are so many jailed people who can’t get their human rights. Be free. Freedom is priceless and deserves to be struggled for. (Ina/Jasmine)