On Monday, April 23, 2018, students of London School Beyond Academy (LSBA) with the guest from South Korea, Park Tae-hyun, made a paper craft.

Park Tae-hyun and his mother showed their home made paper craft

The show started with a puppet show performed by Park Tae-hyun and his mother. The puppet show is a very famous story of Pinocchio. Park Tae-hyun and his mother taught the LSBA students how to make elephant using folding paper.

Students LSBA tried to make handmade paper craft

As the first step of making an elephant, children started to create the animal from its head. Park Tae-hyun and his mother demonstrated students how to cut out the elephant without the drawn pattern of it. After that, LSBA students practised making other parts of the body such as legs, ears, trunk and elephant ivory. Having finished making elephants, LSBA students were asked to give a name to their elephants.

One of student LSBA asked a questions

At the end of the show, Park Tae-hyun presented gifts, paper craft robot and some snacks from South Korea, to LSBA student. (Citra/Fakhira)