LSPR-Jakarta had a signing ceremony for a joint cooperation with international Polytechnic of Bali on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at Bali International Polytechnic, Braban. The signing cooperation in the context of collaborations between the colleges with an aim of starting together, to cooperate in the fields of education, research and academic exchanges in accordance with the common interest.

The parties agreed to implement the cooperation programs, which includes the following:

1. Conducting of public relations training for professors and students of the PIB.
2. Tourismpreneurship training event for lecturers and students of the LSPR Jakarta.
3. Organization of the Seminar on national, Regional and international level to be implemented well in the campus environment PIB or LSPR Jakarta
4. Partnership in the field of public relations by conducting programs of research and public service.
5. Establish long term cooperation through the exchange of Lecturers.

Hopefully with this cooperation, both sides of LSPR or PIB can move forward to educate the children of the nation.