On September 29th LSPR Radio held the closing event of “Radiation”. The event took place at Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall, Campus B, LSPR. The event started at 18.30. It was opened by a short video about the activities of LSPR Radio and general explanations about it from the officers of LSPR Radio.

Agnia sang to entertain the Radiation audience


It was then continued by remarks from The Club Coordinator of Science and Media Centre Club, Mr. Yospeh Wahyu Kurniawan. On his speech he expressed his gratefulness for the success of the event and also reminded the participants to keep up the spirit no matter what happen. 

Mr Yoseph on Radiation

At this event, LSPR Radio also held a quiz in which 2 participants could win tickets of the Syncronize Fest 2018 and an excellent performance by LSPR Band. After the fun quiz and performance, the event was finalized with the announcement of the winner of Radiation 2018. (Natasha/Cik Ratu)


Announcer competation

List of Radiation 2018 Winner :



1. Akila Kumalasari, Rafly Maulana Fikry & Hanggana Litya Gunita (SMA Lazuardy GCS)

2. Sandy Eliezer (SMK Telekomunikasi Telesandi Bekasi)

3. Irsyad (SMK Paramitha)



1. Rafli Janesia Arsyam & Rafina Aini (SMK Telekomunikasi Telesandi Bekasi)

2. Yosia Sebastian Gunawan (SMA Budi Mulia)

3. Alfara Justiciabel, Dimas Bagaskara & Ananda Delphianto Satya (SMK Tunas Jakasampurna)



1. Yesha Valencia & Ratna Delicia (SMA STRADA ST. THOMAS AQUINO)

2. Asyifa Fabriyanti & Vrisca alfielia putri (SMA PLUS PGRI CIBINONG)

3. Endah Ayu Andari & Putri Ika (SMA PLUS PGRI CIBINONG).