One of the phenomenon in film is a different of opinion or a views from the audience toward the real meaning. Currently, some is the one of  mass media that is favorite by the audience, so film has become effective way to delivery message of meaning to the audience. Film also have meaning that is packaged in a story completed with colors, sounds, and images. The researchs use, qualitative research and method with Christian Metz semiotic analysis. With semiotic analysis toward the real meaning in the film 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani, the results showed that  actuall of the film 3 Idiots is about how the biological and non biological parents such as teachers, lecturers, teachers  for  educate teach. There are then  giving an explanation about education, how to make or to build a friendship and creativity by the director, the property used in this movie. The implication of this research is the fact that film also give education value and that there should be more films with education theme.


Keywords: Film, Semiotic Analysis, Syntagmatic Analysis, The True Meaning of 3 Idiots Movie by Rajkumar Hirani