On November 2, 2017, the London School of Public Relations – Jakarta received SMA Dwi Warna Bogor “Campus Visit.” In this event, SMA Dwi Warna Bogor students get various information which one of them was given by Mr. Kamal. Mr. Kamal explained about the major that is in LSPR as well as some existing facilities inside LSPR.

Mr. Kamal explained about the information of LSPR Jakarta


In addition, Mr. Kamal also explained about various student activities supported by 29 clubs. information such as flexible lecture hours, NAP, counter thesis, partnership, achievement, and others are also explained.

Student’s of SMA Dwiwarna did campus tour



A Jakarta LSPR alumni also recounted his experience during his lecture at LSPR. SMA Dwi Warna Bogor students were also given materials on public speaking. (Farah/Savira/Lindy/Riqo)