On Friday, March 1, 2019, LSPR-Transpark Juanda and Transmart Mall Transpark Juanda-Bekasi have been officially opened. It became a pre-opening event. Transpark Juanda-Bekasi complex is going to be completed within next three months.

Opening LSPR Transpark by CT Corp, LSPR & Bekasi Mayor

The soft opening of LSPR-Transpark Juanda was opened with a prayer reading by Mr. Ustad Fahrizal. The event was attended by CT Corp Chairman and his wife, Mr. Chairul Tanjung and Ms. Anita Ratnasari Tanjung, Founder and Director of LSPR-Jakarta, Ms. Prita Kemal Ghani MBA, MCIPR, APR and Mr. Kemal Ghani, as well as President Director & CEO of PT. Trans Retail Indonesia, Mr. Shafie Shamsuddin and Deputy Mayor of Bekasi, Mr. Tri Adhianto Tjahyono.

Bekasi Deputy Governor Mr. Tri Adhianto Tjahyono.

Furthermore, LSPR-Transpark Juanda introduced new facilities and decorations. The built consists of 14 floors. It is ready to accommodate 7 to 8 thousand students. LSPR-Transpark Juanda is built in a classic European style. On the ground floor, there is marketing office and radio broadcasting space. On the fifth floor, there are three rooms such as Library Room, Public Lecture Room, and Lounge which are ready for visitors.

Public Lecture of LSPR Trasnpark

“Very cool. This is artistic. It’s very different, just like a hotel and I’m sure students will like staying here. To be honest, this is more than I expected. I have taught in many international rooms, and this one is the best. Very cool,” said Chairul Tanjung said visiting Library Room and Public Lecture Room.

Lounge and Lunch

LSPR-Transpark Juanda’s Library is equipped with more than 10 tables. In addition, the Public Lecture Room will be used for e-learning programmes and guest lecturer classes.

Performance by LSPR Teatro

Lunch session with the invited guests at the LSPR-Transpark Juanda Lounge and Friday Prayer on the ground floor have closed the event.

Article by: Nadira Arnindya

Photo by: Irfan Husaini