On September 2–6 April 2018, LSPR – Jakarta in collaboration with the University of Nebrija organized the ‘Spanish Week Seminar’.

Mrs. Anna Dols gave knowledge about “The Cornerstone of the Spanish Tapas Foodie Culture”

On 3 April 2018, there was the ‘Spanish Week Seminar’ opening series of such events as ‘Eating by Design’, ‘Discovering Euskadi&Basque Country’, and ‘Food Story’ held in Prof. Dr. Djajusman Auditorium and Performance Hall.

Students of LSPR Jakarta got chance to asked a question

During the first meeting ‘Eating by Design’ such speakers as Mrs. Ana Dols and Mrs. Ann Francisco discussed a Spanish food culture by pointing that food in Spain has to look as attractive as possible. Firstly, the chefs draw the sample of the dish to achieve perfect results after its cooking.

The interactions between Charity Ann Francisco and students of LSPR Jakarta

Mrs. Charity Ann Francisco got a plaque pf appreciation for “Eating by Design” seminar


Mrs. Charity Ann Francisco elucidated a situation with tourism in Spain. Last year, in 2017, according to statistics, Spain was the second most visited country in the world by tourists. Spain is rich for its natural attractiveness as mountains, its culture and historical places recognized by UNESCO as the world heritage, etc. Young people especially love to visit Ibiza island in Spain and so on.

Mrs. Andrea Lopez Manteiga explained about The Spanish Fashion Industry

Mrs. Andrea Lopez Manteiga got a plaque of appreciation

During the second ‘Discovering Euskadi&Basque Country’ seminar, Mrs. Ana Dols told about the ‘Cornerstone of the Spanish Tapas Foodie Culture’. At the same time, Mrs. Andrea Lopez Manteiga explained that the Spanish fashion industry became the 4th largest fashion export industry in the world.

Mr. Alvaro Montavillo explained about “Study in Spain”

Coming to the end, Mrs. Ana Dols and Mr. Alvaro Montavillo introduced a ‘Food Story’. According to them, there are three types of food such as Tortilla de Patatas, Gazpacho Soup, and the Spanish Ham. These types of food have a connection with three films such as Volver, Mujeres, and Al De Un Ataque Birde De Servios that encouraged Mr. Alvaro Montavillo during his studying in Spain. (Azura,Cut,Jacob,Anita)