Last April 25-29, 2018 LSPR Jakarta visited 3 Universities in UK. They were De Montfort University (DMU)  in Leiceister, Northumbria University in Newcastle and Teesside University in Middlesbrough, UK.

DMU’s representative Dr. Ben and Ms. Liz Hathaway met Ms. Candy at DMU, Leicester UK

LSPR Jakarta represented by Ms. Candy Hernandez, M.Si Business Development Director and Head of Careers and Employability Centre had a productive meeting with DMU represented by Dr. Ben and ms. Liz Hathaway Associate Dean for International. part of the proposed collaboration is the International Examinations for LSPR’s Digital Media Communications and Advertising for the subject TV Commercial Productions. It was also mentioned on the discussion that more DMU students will be send to LSPR Bali for Short Film Production.

The gift from LSPR – Jakarta for Dr. Craig amd Dr. Lee Barron

Northumbria University

On the other side of UK in Newcastle, meeting and campus tour with Northumbria University (NU) took placed together with Dr. Craig and Dr. Lee Barron this meeting was to strengthened the existing collaboration between LSPR and Northumbria University Newcastle were Mass Communication’s International Examination for the subject TV Film and Video Productions 2 short film produced by students from Mass Communication is being reviewed and assessed by Northumbria University for the past 7 years. For this year NU will visit again LSPR this coming June 27 for the assessment and verification for the short film produced by Mass Communication students Batch 19.

Teesside University

LSPR International Relations and Partnership Office wants to widened partnerships in UK, Ms. Candy also visited another city in UK, Middlesbrough where Teesside University is located. met Mr. Mick Stockton, Head Department School of Computing, Media and the Arts both Ms. Candy and Mr. Mick discussed the possibilities of collaboration between LSPR and Teesside University.