“Selamat datang di Indonesia!”
On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, the Orientation Day 2018 was helt at The London School of Public Relations-Jakarta (LSPR) for all international students from the Studnet Exchange Programme which has been existing since 2009.

Ms Nadine talked to students exchange

This year, LSPR-Jakarta welcomes seven international students from Denmark, Netherland, and Malaysia. “I am curious to know different cultures. That’s why I am here to study,” said Abhas, University of Zhitag, Denmark.

Students exchange orientation on class

Every student is accompanied by Student Buddies as volunteers from LSPR-Jakarta. All international students will cover the agreed subjects between LSPR-Jakarta and partner universities.

Campus Tour

In the end, everyone had a campus tour and was introduced to the facilities LSPR-Jakarta is equipped.
From LSPR-Jakarta side, there students are sent abroad to study in Netherland, Russia, and Macau. (Nadira/Athaya)