LSPR Student League Election 2013-2014

Student League is a student organization in London School of Public Relations-Jakarta, consists of LSPR Officer Clubs. There are 18 clubs under LSPR Student League.

Last Friday 11th of October 2013 till Sunday, 13th of October 2013 at Bukit Perkemahan, Cibubur, West Java, LSPR Student League held its LDK (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan). 125 club officers participated on the training for club officers to be a good leader, to not easily give up and never complain in any respect, discipline, to be on time, and have mutual respect also to make all 18 clubs to more solid, compact and to know each other more.

Day 1, with Kopaja as transportation they arrived Cibubur at 12am. They were given presentation about the Procedure Administrations of Deputy Director III conducted by Ms. Ilona Paramitha as Assistant of Deputy Director III, and followed by Ms. Vicky Sihombing as Assistant of Chief Club Coordinators about LSPR Student League and LSPR Clubs. For 2 hours they also got Leadership & Teamwork Session by Mr. Endang and Ms. Navy. After Dinner they have presentation about Work Programs in a 1 year from each Clubs continued with Moment to Share with Club Coordinators and to closed day 1 they had reflection session conducted by Ms. Daniari.

Day 2, At 2am the participants were all ready to do logic test for 10 minutes and after that they all went back to sleep. It’s time to exercise, 7am conducted by Mr.Hidayat Anwar as Presidents of Students League 2012-2013 and it was continued with a 3 hours Outbond & Team Building session conducted by Mr. Imanuel Hutagalung as Deputy Director III. The event was continued til 7pm for the calculation of votes from students and Officers of LSPR Clubs. A talked about state-defense, the sense of Nationalism by youth that was presented by Mr.Hidayat Anwar. After Dayat’s Presentation, the session continued with Ms.Renata Tirta Kurniawan to share about Personality Development as a Leader. Bonfire was the favorite session for the participants, in which they collaborated with other clubs and they performed, which has been prepared since day one. After the bonfire the participants have challenges called “Treasure Hunts” which lasted for 5hours.

Day 3, After Breakfast participants were given time to packed. The last session was the Handover Ceremony to Announce the Next President of LSPR Student League 2013-2014 and the last speech was given by Mr.Hidayat Anwar as Presidents of Students League 2012-2013. In front of 125 New Officers of LSPR Student League, Club Coordinators and Performing Arts Communication Dean, Ms. Renata Tirta Kurniawan, Mr. Imanuel Hutagalung announced the new President of LSPR Student League 2013-2014, Candidates no.1 Christian Santoso as President and Sheila Siregar as Vice President. Congratulations and Good Luck Christian and Sheila and more power to LSPR Student League!

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