51st Lefkas International Folklore Festival

Yazas!! Hella! Was often used by member of LSPR Goes to Greece to greet people. Now they’re back they have so many great stories to tell some are Funny, poignant, and also also something to be very proud of… During the 3 weeks event conducted by the Cultural mission in Greece to presents Traditional Dances from Indonesia.

After the take off at 7.40pm from Bandara Soekarno Hatta Airport -Jakarta the flight was delayed for 30 minutes at Changi Airport-Singapore before they transited at Ataturk Airport-Istanbul. Finally, they arrived at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport – Greece they were welcomed by Mrs. Jani and Ms. Dyah, staff from KBRI (Indonesian Embassy) Last 16th of August 2013 at 10am (Greece Time)

After their arrival in Greece, they directly went to Lefkada Island the venue for the 51st Lefkas International Folklore Festival, within 5 hours bus ride and with interspersed ferry ride to cross to Lefkada Island. “We are seeing Bridge Suramadu version Greece, the ticket to pass the bridge is 800.000 rupiah, wawww” Maulia Rori said.

When they arrived, they are very shocked because for 11 days they would be sleeping in Classroom with a mattress folded like in evacuation tents, without AC on the temperature is 38 degrees, and they all used common bathrooms.

And that’s the start of the Cultural Mission in Greece, they had Parade schedules around the city on foot and to show Indonesian Traditional dances in some village around Lefkas almost every day. During the opening ceremony at the 51st Lefkas International Folklore Festival, the committee has announced that all participants of the festival will also have competition and they were not informed about this competition.

The announcement of the winners was conducted in Greek language, and they don’t understand at all what is happening, but the PIC (Person in Charge) told them and said “Congratulations guys, Indonesia got the 3rd Prize Winner” and they were all so stunned and thrilled accepting the award. 14 countries countries competed they were; Iraq, Cyprus, China, Czech Republic, Russia, Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Serbia, Evros, Tripoli, Lakonia, Thessaloniki, and Fotinos Sfakiotes, LSPR Dance was the representative from Indonesia who got the 3rd place award.

This was the start of their struggles, because after Lefkas Festival they had so many other schedules to perform; The 3rd Earthdancers Festival and the Indonesian Night by Indonesian Embassy.

Last 26 August, 2013, LSPR Dance journeyed to kalamos to perform at The 3rd Earthdancers Festival at Kalamos they finally stayed at a real hotel. During the Earthdancers Festival, they had schedule performances every day. with full pack schedules; breakfast at 7.30am-8.30am, going to another event at 10am, lunch at 3pm-4pm, perform at 8.30pm, dinner at 12am, and usually they sleep around 2am.

The last festival for them is the Indonesian Night by Indonesian Embassy last 2nd of September 2013 at the International Youth Hostel-Athena. After they arrived, they were enjoyed the dinner with Mr. Benny Bahanadwa (Ambassador of Indonesia to Greece) and all families from the Indonesian Embassy at the Indonesian Embassy Guest House, residence of the Ambassador. They were all very happy after seeing the menu for dinner such as Nasi Liwet, Rendang, fried squid, Cap-cai, shrimp of chili paste, and shrimp crackers all Indonesian food to feast.

It’s time to perform at the Indonesia Night by Indonesian Embassy , in Dora Stratou Theater – Athena which is a very prestigious place for artists. In Front of 900 audiences, LSPR Dance received a big applause also a big thank you from Indonesian People and the Ambassador of Indonesia to Greece for introducing the Indonesian culture to the people of Greece.

Tired that ‘ s what they all felt, but every time they finished a performance, they all received a big applause, with all smiles, they all took pictures and with all the gratitude and greetings of congratulations from the audiences, all the feelings of being tired slowly disappeared and they all felt Proud and Honored!

Congratulations LSPR Dance Goes to Greece, The big family of LSPR and the whole Indonesia are all very proud of this great achievement. Great Job!

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