LSPR Peduli Pendidikan goes to CICARINGIN

It started from the dreams and hopes that Indonesia will have a brighter future, LSPR Student League under the leadership of Muhammad Hidayat, trying to do a real action to care for other people. With struggle and dedication, finally they conducted a real action called “LSPR Peduli Pendidikan” LSPR Peduli Pendidikan adapted from a program inspiried by Mr. Anie Baswedan called“Indonesia Mengajar”, where youth of Indonesia devoted all their knowledge to educate the Nation’s Children in small towns, where education is still considered expensive. It all began last March 25, 2013, LSPR Student League under the supervision of Deputy Director III of LSPR Jakarta, Mr. Imanuel Hutagalung , selected students who are willing to join LSPR Peduli Pendidikan for the intellectual life of the Nation.

After a series of interviews, physical and health test, there were 12 students elected to be a teachers who will represent LSPR Jakarta to small towns to teach and share their knowledge. Abi Shadat, Nero L. Adriani, Astrid Novianti, Raden Ayu Dita, Christian Santoso, Violla Andrea, Demas Ryan, Yasmina Anggraini, Falentina Cotton, Kevin Mohammad Syah, Kimsela Fernandez, and Marry Marsela were the chosen 12 teachers, they are considered to be able to carry out this noble task; as part of the recorded history of LSPR as youth we are willing to join real action to make changes instead of just talking.

Last May 1-5, 2013, team of LSPR Peduli Pendidikan headed by Mr. Hutagalung Emmanuel as Deputy Director III of LSPR Jakarta, Ilona Paramitha as Assistant Deputy Director III, Muhammad Hidayat as President of LSPR Student League, the selected 12 teachers, and students who are members of LSPR Student League started the action in Kampung Wangkelang, Desa Cicaringin, Kec. Gunung Kencana, Lebak, Banten. Staying overnight in tents for 4 days and 3 nights, walking through steep hills, cobbled streets and wet ground, the 12 young teachers kept their spirit and desire to continue sharing knowledge to students in school; Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Mathlaul Anwar. Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Mathlaul Anwar ‘s classrooms are small, dirty and was barely maintained . Based on the story from the Head of School , Mr. Endang, this school is the only accessible school in the village. Diverse ages enroll in the school because many children have high desire to learn and the school didn’t want to refuse students who’s willing to learn although they are already over age.

During the first day, 12 elected teachers teach 3 subjects in 1 day while they learn to adapt to the environment. Although the students understand the Indonesian language, but they use Sunda language every day, sometimes it made it difficult for teachers to adapt. Subjects taught are English Language, Indonesian Language, Arabic Language, Sports, Arts, and Mathematics. On their second day, teaching was less difficult for 12 teachers LSPR Peduli Pendidikan, the students were getting to know the names of each the teachers, vice versa. During break time, the teachers and the students started to play together. For men who joined the field to play football on the riverbank not far from the school, while for women play rubber along with the students. During the three consecutive days, teaching was always closed with activities in the field, in which students will return to their homes first, then gathered back at school at 2pm to join the games prepared by the 12 teachers, winners of the game got gifts from 12 teachers.

On their last day, Saturday 4 May 2013, the team LSPR Peduli Pendidikan, with the students spent time playing together. The next morning they gave sports lessons for students, and continue to play in the river. The teachers and students jump from the bridge into the river and swim together. When it was time to say goodbye, the teachers encourage all students to come to the tent where they cook spaghetti for them. After eating, they also helped the 12 teachers to clear the tents and their belongings, they even helped carry the goods into the car.

Unwilling to be separated, after they said goodbye to the Headman in the village, the 12 teachers called the students back once more to gave their last hugs, cuddles and gave a snack to them. Even when the car LSPR Peduli Pendidikan already left Wangkelang, the students were still trailing behind the car for their endless goodbyes and thanks….

Four days and three nights at Cicaringin may be the least likely to be forgotten memories for the 12 teachers and the whole team LSPR Peduli Pendidikan. Unforgettable experiences like taking a bath while getting water from a well, and other sweet memories which may not be enjoyed by many people who lived in the city.

“We are Indonesian youth we need to take real action, not just talk. We do not want to condemn the darkness in this country, but we provide light that illuminates to make our nation a better place” – Muhammad Hidayat (President of LSPR Students League 2012-2013)

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