LSPR Peduli Pendidikan goes to Talagawangi Garut

It started from the dreams and hopes that Indonesia will have a brighter future, LSPR Student League under the leadership of Muhammad Hidayat, trying to do a real action to care for other people. With struggle and dedication, finally they conducted a real action called “LSPR Peduli Pendidikan” LSPR Peduli Pendidikan adopted from a program inspiried by Mr. Anie Baswedan called “Indonesia Mengajar”, where youth of Indonesia devoted all their knowledge to educate the Nation’s Children in small towns, where education is still considered expensive.

Last 1st-5th of May, 2013, LSPR Student League under the supervision of Deputy Director III of LSPR Jakarta, Mr. Imanuel Hutagalung was successful with LSPR Peduli Pendidikan Batch I. It began on the 30th of October 2013 with selected students who are willing to join LSPR Peduli Pendidikan batch II for the intellectual life of the Nation.


After 4 steps series of collection of an essay, interviews, physical and health test, also simulation teaching and survival test, finally there were 11 students elected to be a teacher who will represent LSPR Jakarta to small towns to teach and share their knowledge.  Gabriella Raissa, Daniel Shepherd Nggebu, Angelina Raindra Sipahutar, Teuku Cut Agatra, Raymond Robertus, Melvin Bonardo Simanjuntak, Irwan Candra, Parawidya Yoga, Muhammad Dzakwanul Halim, Ni Nyoman Stephanie,and Amelia Andriana were the chosen 11 teachers, they are considered to be able to carry out this noble task; as part of the recorded history of LSPR as youth we are willing to join real action to make changes instead of just talking.


Headed by Mr. Hutagalung Emmanuel as Deputy Director III of LSPR Jakarta, Ms. Vicky Sihombing as Assistant Deputy Director III, Christian Santoso as President Student League 2013-2014, team Media Center and students who are members of LSPR Student League started the action in Talagawangi Village-Garut, West Java, from LSPR Campus B Sudirman Park last 29th of November 2013.

Last 30th of November 2013 finally they arrived after a journey for 12 hours using vehicles and stop in check points and then proceed on a journey on foot for around 4.5hours walk. When they arrived there, they were greeted by the head of School is Mr. Arifin.


First Day, 1st of December 2013 at 5am 11 teachers LSPR Peduli Pendidikan Bacth II was prepared to conduct action of teaching for seven days. The spirits come forth from the face of each one of them. Welcoming ceremony by SDN04 Talagawangi-Arrowroot has begun. Students and teachers of SDN 04 have been neatly lined up. After the speech from Head of School and Mr. Imanuel, LSPR Peduli Pendidikan Batch II has introduced themselves and received a warm welcome from the students and teachers. After 11 teachers of LSPR Peduli Pendidikan batch II gave goodie bags and notes to all students, the session of teaching in SDN04 has begun.


Classroom is only made of wickerwork bamboo, Rattan and board was the condition at SDN04 Talagawangi School could be said the condition quite sad. The infrastructure of this school was still far from the expectations of a good quality education and facilities, No Library, Mosque and Laboratories.

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During the seven days teaching, 11 elected teachers has taught 3 subjects in 1 day while they learn to adapt to the environment. Although the students understand the Indonesian language, but they use Sunda language every day, sometimes it made it difficult for teachers to adapt.  Subjects taught were English Language, Indonesian Language, Science, Social Studies, Sports, Arts, and Mathematics.

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Teaching was less difficult for 11 teachers of LSPR Peduli Pendidikan, the students got to know the names of each teachers and students, vice versa. During break time, the teachers and the students started to play together. After teaching sessions, some of students visited the base camp to play with 11 teachers of LSPR Peduli Pendidikan, they played football, the roads to the River, story telling fairy tales and also the story of the prophets.

When it was time to say goodbye, on their last day, Saturday, 7th of December 2013, the team LSPR Peduli Pendidikan, with the students spent time playing together with some Performance from 11 teachers. Unwilling to be separated, after they said goodbye to the all students and teachers of SDN 04, the 11 teachers gave their last hugs and cuddles.

Seven days and six nights at Talawangi may be the least likely to be forgotten memories for the 11 teachers and the whole team LSPR Peduli Pendidikan Batch II. Unforgettable experiences like taking a bath while getting water from a well, and other sweet memories which may not be enjoyed by many people who lived in the city.

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We are always proud of LSPR Peduli Pendidikan for always sharing priceless moments to our less fortunate brothers and sisters…


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