LSPR Adventure has been established on January 9th 2015. At first, LSPR Adventure only have 9 members. As the time goes by, LSPR Adventure has over 40 members now. LSPR Adventure was made to encourage students who love being outside in nature. There are several things that LSPR Adventure do on its routine, such as work out and wall climbing. With the existence of LSPR Adventure, hopefully we can make an independent, superior and discipline person. During 2015, LSPR Adventure has climbed Mt. Ciremai (3.078 mdpl), Mt. Gede (2.985 mdpl), Mt. Merbabu (3.145 mdpl), Mt. Argapura (3.088 mdpl), Mt. Papandayan (2.665 mdpl), Mt. Rinjani (3.726 mdpl) and the last is Mt. Salak (2.211 mdpl). LSPR Adventure will keep doing on exploring the beauty of Indonesia.

To invite the student of LSPR to love and keep the nature in order to maintain the beauty of Indonesia.

- Make the organization of Nature Lover as a medium for LSPR student to distribute their potential and interest in the preservation and care of the environment.
- Establish the LSPR student character to become an independent, superior and discipline person.
- Strengthen the sense of unity among living things in nature lovers activities.

Muhammad Ridho
MC 17-3B
Rosa Cornelia Gusfa
IR 18-1C
Vice President
Mahargiyanti Yudi Utami
MC 17-2B
Melati Kusuma Wardhani
IR 18-2C