The LSPR Modelling Club provides training various activities to enchance the Modeling skills, Fashion Stylist skills, and Make Up Artist skills of student who have passion and interest in the field of Fashion Industry.

LSPR Modelling regular class activity is making a Modeling Class once a week at London School of Public Relations – Jakarta in every Friday and Saturday. We would like to teach basic modeling for our members like Catwalk Practice, Photoshoot & Posing (Models), Styling (Fashion Stylist), and also Make Up Runway & Make Up Photoshoot (Make-Up Artist). In LSPR Modelling we have annual event like SAGA, LMW (LSPR Modelling Week) and Styling Competition.

LSPR Modeling has regular class once in a week. For new model members, we teach from the very basic of modeling like how does model look, catwalk and pose and for model members who has joined LSPR Modelling for more than a year will have advance stage for their class like crawling and how to catwalk with some attributes.

Agitha Mahardika Putri
MC 17 – 4B
Septiningtyas Rachmawati Putri
PR 17 – 2C
Vice President
Rina Nurdianah
PR 17 – 1C
Herlan Lasmana
MC 17 – 2B
Head of Fashion Stylist & MUA
Safhira Nadya
DMCA 18 – 2B
Public Relations Officer
Utamy Widyo Ningrum
DMCA 17 – 2B
Talent Manager